Sunday, January 31, 2016

What I Love About Drake Jan 2016

mother/son date
Scripture Verse:  Self-Control—"Father, help my children not to be like many others around them, but let them be alert and self-controlled in all they do." 1 Thess. 5:6

New Things: You learned to juggle with the Circus Freaks. Well sort of. You tried and got it for a while, then got frustrated and gave up. You could get it to go around for a rotation or two and then would get overly excited, lose focus and down the balls would go. You gave it your all for about 30 minutes before I practically forced you to move onto something else. That something else was a hula hoop contest I got to enter.  You hung in to close to the end, but those girls are good!!! You were one of the last 5 left out of about 20 that joined in so you rocked it! Untimely some girl about 12 won. You still got a sucker, stickers and a pencil as a prize so you were good. You have this very weird obsession with pencils. We have a few dozen easily. 

This is the first time you also got to go and watch a basketball game. Your Generation Outdoors troop went and you took your Uncle Shane along with you for the adventure. Of course you had a last, the Mavs won and you came back home super excited and gave me the replay.You also got to meet a couple of the players, but did not know which ones. Your description did not help of the "you know the tall black one that was fast".  :/  Still dont know who you met, but you were excited about it and that is what maters. 

Things you Enjoyed: This month we spent alot of time at the Stars games. Pretty much all our free time was spent watching the boys dominate the ice. We had alot of fun, you got to eat like a crazy person, get a hockey puck and a hockey stick out of your Uncle Shane and even made it onto the jumbo tron with Victory Green (Stars Mascot). Overall hockey wise it was a great month! It was also your sisters birthday, but since it was her sweet 16 I let her go to Washington to visit her best friends for the week. The zoo is also always popular with you and since the penguins had new babies I decided to get us a season pass so we could watch them grow this year. Plus since you my little penguin, it seemed only natural to watch the penguins. I think your favorite thing to do this month though was going to the Kid Fest. You got to meat storm troopers, Darth Vadar and all sorts of crazy folks that I had no clue who there were, but there were dressed awesome, so we went with it and had a great time. Oh and did I mention we rock climbed? Yep, one of your all time favorite things to get to go and do. Of course, you made it to the top like you always do, showing me up, but its all good. You are a tough little man that does not ever give up when you actually want something. Your other favorite thing to do is something that has not changed since you were crawling-your sister. You love to sneak into her room every morning and crawl into bed with her and sleep. You just love being near your sister and letting her know you love her and this is pretty much the only time she lets you snuggle with her and give her love without pushing you away or cringing to save face. So every morning I know exactly where you are, snuggled up with your sister getting your love fix from her to start your day. plus, of course we had our weekly mother/son dates every Sunday. We go out to eat, watch movies, play at the park, talk about our lives, play games; pretty much anything you want to go and do or talk about within reason. 

 TLUSA: In trail life this month you guys were working on emergency preparedness. You learned how to make slings from materials you would keep in your back pack, to how to survive in the wilderness, etc. There were a few camping trips, work days and overall fun to be had. You always have a blast at these meetings and cannot wait to get to got back. You even enjoy going to my monthly board meetings with me to play with the other board members kids.

Struggles and Accomplishments: We seem to have the same struggles of the years and that comes down to self control. Control of your body, your language, attitude and listening. You are not a bad child, you are kind, loving, caring, gracious, and helpful, but you lack self control which gets you into alot of trouble at home and at school. We have continued to work on it and work toward identifying your feelings and emotions when you lose control and have made some progress, but it is slow progress. We rely n prayer and Gods help to get us through the rough patches and alot of grace. You want so much to be loved and liked by everyone that you adopt their personalities, character and reactions and lose your self in the process. my hope is that you will be comfortable being the unique individual God made you and not be like the rest of the world. I know with hard work you can overcome your insecurities and stand tall in who you were created to be and no just be seen as the world wants to see you. 


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