Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What I Love About Delaney AKA Cassie Wolfe April 2016

Scripture Verse:

New Things: We decided to get in shape together and joined Camp Gladiator. We get our happy little selves up at 4:15 in the morning every other day and complain about soar bodies, lack of sleep and motivation. We all feel better afterwards, but it does not make the getting up and getting going any easier in the morning. You though get to go home and go back to bed, I have to get up and go to work. Lucky little duck.

Things you Enjoyed:
Debating the important topics in life with me. Things like is Batman really a superhero? Was Adam Levines rendition of Purple Rain better than the original artist Prince?Since transgenders can now use the woman's bathroom, should we all start using the men's instead? Wondering how and why Wentworth Miller went from being a total hottie to just a total mess?  When are we going to play Cards Against Humanity again so I can school you kids? Can Leonardo DiCaprio get any hotter?You know the deep stuff that you just need to know to continue living life happily. :)

Nada, nothing, not a flippin thing. Why? Because mamma was lazy and did not want to plan, get up, go and teach. That's why. No more to it than that. My heart was not into it this month, you complain about doing it and I decided to pick a different battle this month and you attending AHG was not it. Plus, I ended up in the hospital for 8 days with kidney stones that required surgery and I really just didn't care after that. I needed some well earned me time. Maybe we will argue about it next month for old times sake.

Struggles and Accomplishments: You got named as my evil twin by facebook. The struggle is real now. Plus, we didnt get to go to Starbucks hardly at all this moth. We got no new books. No new clothes. The struggle is alive and real yo. (HEHEHE) Couldn't help but list all your white girl problems for the month. This month has been really easy with you. You have been nice to ALL your brothers and very loving and kind for a change. I think someone might have taken over your body, but since it works in my favor I am letting them stay :) Love you princess.

Music/Boys & Other Mayhem:
Oh yea we got a category for this now. It has reached that pivot point on our mother/daughter relationship. Ok maybe its not that serious, but your obsession with boys and music is well..... obsessive. Especially one young man in particular that you have been pinning away for what seems like eons a certain Mr. Blake Russo. I think i might need to put you in Blake AA for your mood swings that happen when you two are arguing or not speaking to each other. Its like vicious whip lash some days.

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