Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What I Love About Drake May 2016

Scripture Verse:

Height/Weight: 61.1 lbs, 53", BP 96/57, Pulse 95

 Things you Enjoyed:  
1.Rangers/Blue Jays Brawl has to top our month. It was an epic game, with a bobble head, fight and victory all rolled into one. It all started when Batista got attitude and threw his bat. He tried a hard slide into Odor, who nailed him with a vicious right hook for the dirty slide. This prompted an all out team against team mass fight that was amazing! There had been alot of tension threw the whole game and you knew it was coming to a head and our team handled up and whooped some Blue Jay butts, not once, but twice and almost for a 3rd time. Great game.

2. Texas Rangers Games and Photo Ops:  

You love the top of the 5th when you can go into the kids club and get pictures taken with the Rangers mascot. I really am starting to think this is one of your favorite times. You have TONS of photos with him and still want to go every game to take pictures, have him eat your head, give you knuckle bumps, sign strange things, and hang out and make you laugh. I give our mascot that, he is great with the kids and does not rush the pictures and takes times to make each one laugh and enjoy the experience. It really ads to the game day experience for kids. That and of course the dot race..Go GREEN!

3. All Things Ninja Turtles: 
Yep you seek out those little green guys everywhere you go, even at the Rangers games. Your patients paid off as you ran across 2 of them in the parking lot doing photo ops and you wasted no time running over there, leaving me in the dust to go and hang 10 with the turtles. You are looking forward to the movie coming out and we have a date night planned already. These guys are just psyching you up for the big day!

4. Mothers Day: 
Well at least it better be on your top list. In my mind it is and since I
am writing this blog its on yours as well. Glad we had that little talk. Anyway your Uncle Shane took you to buy my mothers day gift. You wanted to bring my back CM Punk, but sadly he was not available for purchase and kidnapping is still a crime so you settled for beautiful flowers and a movie we watched together.

5. Sleeping Kitties
Loki and Pika
Yep, you have your own personal sleeping kitties. They come in a set of 2 and like to claim you blanket and snuggle on it all night long. There names are Pika and Loki, lovely little brother and sister that cause mischief and chaos wherever they go.  They love to purr, eat, sleep, get there snuggle on, and play with whatever is unfortunate enough to move in front of them, normally our hands or feet! On occasion they are super cute and lovable so we keep them around.

Things you get in trouble for: 
This has been a hard month for you at school and at home. It seems like if you could get in trouble for it, you have. From cussing, smarting off, hitting, making lewd motions with your hands, body and mouth, to not minding you have done it. Its been rough. You have been spanked, put in time out, grounded and we have had numerous talks about appropriate behavior and comments. Still, this month has been very challenging for us both. You have gotten into this habit of shrugging your shoulders at me and saying " I don't care." You have also gotten really bad about saying smart things when someone turns there back on you and lippin off. I swear I feel like you have been in trouble more the end of last month and this month then the whole year long!! I am praying for a change in your behavior before I lose it. You are driving the whole house batty.

This month we did our family camping trip to Ratcliff National Forest (I think its a national forest). Either way we had a blast. You helped cook over the open fire, we went canoeing, swimming, hiking and just in general goofed off and relaxed. We all needed this time together. Plus, since we plan to move in August this is the last camping trip we will get to do with your troop. I wish I took pictures, but I did not even bring my phone.

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