Saturday, July 2, 2016

What I Love About Drake June 2016

Scripture Verse: 
Hebrews 10:39 :"But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved."

New Things:
My sweet little man bake me a cuppa coffee this morning before I went to work.You measured out the water in the coffee pot, filled the pot, poured the coffee grounds, got cream and sugar in my cup and added the coffee then brought it to me in my room when you woke me up! Super sweet.

1. Soccer Camp: The first two days have been great. You are doing really well and I hope and pray that you are having fun, learning some new soccer skills, and most importantly learning more about Jesus. The theme this week is RELENTLESS and your theme verse for the week is Hebrews 10:39. I love that our church puts on soccer camp each year. This is only the 2nd year, but it is amazing. You get to build relationships with other kids from the community and build stronger bonds with the kids in your Sunday school class. Last year you got a soccer ball with tons of scriptures on it for being the child that showed the spirit of the Lord in love the most and I was beyond proud of you for that.

Even if you do not win anything this year, I know you are still showing that same spirit and care more about showing love towards others than winning. I see it when I watch you play. you are the first to help someone who has fallen down, comfort someone that is hurt or offer to help someone that is struggling.  For that I am overjoyed. 
May 2015, standing in end on left side

May 2015 (left side end)
Rangers Baby: 

This month we got to talk alot of smack to all the horrible Boston Red Socks fans as we whooped up on them at the games, including Uncle Derrick!! Below is the smack talking photo we sent Uncle when the Rangers scored the winning run!

63.4 lbs, 53", temp 97.7, BP 99/56, pulse 81

Things you Enjoyed: Every Sunday is our Mother/Son day. Most days we are at baseball games, but some days we go see the movies, eat out together, go to the park, let you drive in my lap, go bowling, play baseball, board games, the zoo or anything else we can think of to do that you enjoy. I really enjoy the time we get to spend together. You seem to think thought that a mother/son day should LITERALLY be the WHOLE day and no one else can even talk to me or come into our space. You get really upset if anyone else tries to watch TV with me or ask me do anything with them or take them anywhere.I had to tell you that our day is about 4 hours not really the whole day. Of course you argue with me about this and say no its the "day". I might have to start calling it mother/son time and drop the day.

Things you get in trouble for: You have really, really bad habit of mouthing off and thinking no one can see you or hear you if you turn your back or walk out of the room. You make smug little faces, imitate the person you are mad at, yell, cry, throw a fit, and back talk. You get into so much trouble for this, yet you keep doing it. You have a little temper on you that you need to learn to control before it controls you. I have tried addressing it, ignoring it, spanking you, putting you in the corner, grounding you, taking things away, yet it persists. You are stubborn for sure. This and lying are your 2 worst enemies right now. You seem to think if you smile when you lie its ok to lie, or if you joke about it after you got busted like you intended it as a joke all along you wont get in trouble. This does not work, you get in trouble, yet it persists as well. The double whammy.

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