Thursday, June 30, 2016

What I Love About Delaney-June 2016

Scripture Verse:

New Things: You actually did a couple new things this month. You went to Ft. Worth for the first time. You played laser tag, learned to shoot pool and what it is like to be interested in a man that has a child.

Things you Enjoyed:
1.) Boys- I think this may stay at the top of the list, but it keeps getting more interesting. Poor Blake loves you, but does not want to date you, but definitely  does not want anyone to date you either because he gets crazy jealous and territorial when someone has interest in you and you show interest back. Its fun to watch. I sure do not miss being a teenage girl. Girl problems. So now you found out you live close to Leo and enjoy spending time with him. Needless to say, since he does not want to date you, he gets no say in who you spend time with or who you date. So you hang out with Leo and went to Main Event. You guys played laser tag (your first time), went bowling (his first time) and then played some pool together. All in all I think you guys had fun and once you got past the awkwardness of being together you were able to be more of yourself.  You got together a couple of times this month and even got to meet Leo's little girl when we all went to the Dallas Zoo together. So pretty much this whole month consisted of you wanting to hang out with Leo. Talk to Leo. See Leo. Talk about seeing Leo. Talk about hanging out with Leo. You get the gist I think now. It was cute though to see you so excited about your friend and getting to hang out with him. It was nice to have someone close by when most of your online gang lives far away.

Your Style: Is pretty much short and skimpy, which really bothers me. You wear shorts that seem to barely cover your backside and shirts that show way too much skin. Other than that new trend, your style has stayed the same. Big chunky boots or shoes, skinny jeans, and tshirts. You do want to get your tongue pierced, but that is really the only new thing going on right now.

AHG:  This was the lat month you are doing AHG. We ended the year at the beginning of the month with an awards ceremony and a pot luck. You didn't attempt your level award this year and really did not want to participate much at all. Very few things help your interest in the group except for the rock climbing and photography badges. I think this was a good year to end on. I was getting worn out from it and you were past worn out from it. We both had too many other obligations and the troop kept getting younger with no kids your own age, making it pretty hard to really enjoy yourself. We still have the books, so we can work through them if we desire to, but right now I think its for the best to let it go.

Struggles and Accomplishments: 

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